Breast Pump Rentals

Belly Bliss is the ONLY place in town that you can rent the MEDELA SYMPHONY PREEMIE BREASTPUMP!

(At the same prices as the standard Symphony)


The first breast pump with clinically proven research that improves the pumping efficiency and effectiveness for mothers with premature infants.

This pump also includes 2-Phase Expression technology for effective “let-down” and expression.

  • More efficient and comfortable than ever.
  • Unique overflow protection.
  • Double or single pumping.
  • One knob control.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Kit not included.

Pump Rental Rates- There is a $25 refundable cleaning deposit.

  • 2 weeks ~ $45
  • 1 month ~ $77
  • 3 months ~ $195
  • 6 months ~ $332

There is a $3.25 per day late fee, if contract is not extended.

Pumps for purchase-

  • Harmony Hand Pump ~ $32
  • Pump n Style ~ $275
  • Freestyle ~ $370

We also carry:  pump n save bags, micro steam bags, pump wipes, car adapters, gel pads, lanolin, and sleep bras.